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4th Year Medical Student Rotations Update

UC Irvine Medical Student 685A Neurosurgery Sub-Internship 

Department of Neurological Surgery, School of Medicine, University of California Irvine will follow the policies of the Society of Neurological Surgeons (SNS), Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and UC Irvine Graduate Medical Education on medical student rotation to ensure a safe and equitable experience for all students and all programs during this pandemic. UCI Medical Students who are interested in 685A rotation should apply through the Office of Medical Education. Visiting Medical Students should apply through VSLO Application Service (sometimes referred to as VSAS)  

Curriculum: 685A Neurosurgery Sub-Internship Curriculum (the standard 4-weeks rotation)

Office of Curricular Affairs
UC Irvine School of Medicine | Office of Medical Education

Additional Information and guidelines

From The Society of Neurological Surgeons (SNS):

1. Each neurosurgery applicant will be limited to one (1) external neurosurgery rotation.

2. Given the importance of the applicant experience in neurological surgery prior to committing to a career path, each student should do 1-2 rotations of neurological surgery at their home institution (minimum of 4 weeks).

  • Students without a home program should perform 2 rotations of neurological surgery at the closest ACGME accredited program (adopted home program), or 1 rotation a the "adopted home program" and 1 external rotation.
  • Virtual rotations are not a substitution for in-person neurosurgical rotations
  • The SNS encourages students to gain a diversity of experience and education through a broad spectrum of subspecialty medical and surgical rotations in preparation for residency.

3. Direction regarding interviewed and letters of recommendation will be forthcoming.

SNS Policy: 

Student Research Intern Program (SRIP): 

UCI Medical Center and the UCI School of Medicine jointly encourage and support student participation in basic science laboratories and clinical research projects. Programs include the School of Biological Sciences BIO199 for UCI undergraduate students. The Student Research Intern Program (SRIP) is for high school students over age 16 and non-UCI undergraduate students. For SRIP inquiries, please contact Sierra Curry

Clinical Observership: 

A clinical observership is an opportunity for students to gain educational experience in the area of neurosceince. Clinical observership does not involve patient contact and patient care. There are specfic documents required to be cleared for observership. Please direct all inquiriies to: Sierra Curry at or (714) 509-6231.  

Sumeet Vadera, MD
Medical Student Program Director
Department of Neurological Surgery

Sierra Curry, BA 
Medical Student Coordinator
Department of Neurological Surgery

Updated on: March 12, 2024